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C281 Motorcycle and Sidecar "7". Short open motor, no magnet. Takes the smaller tyres from C8085 (15). These may be the same as (mini) and have SCALEXTRIC S9746 SUPERSLIX C127-0700 written on them. Has 350 branded into the bottom. The pinion currently spins on the shaft and I don't have a replacement yet. Mabucchi 'S' Open Motor.

Black and Red motorcycle and sidecar
Yellow motorcycle and sidecar

C239 Motorcycle and Sidecar "18". It has a magnet and a short motor. I paid 50p for this! The driver's head is missing, and the drive pinion was cracked. This meant it had slipped nearer to the motor and the rear wheels were able to spin freely. The tyres are in better condition than the other two bikes, they are also a different size (lower profile) as this bike has larger diameter wheels than the other two. I have now fitted it with a new pinion. It now runs very well, but this is partly because of the magnet. Mabucchi 'S' Enclosed Motor.

C282 Motorcycle and sidecar "5". Same as C281 (above) except for livery. Also has 350 branded into the chassis. Needed new tyres, but now runs well. When going round a corner too fast it tends to deslot as there is no front axle just an individual wheel and two raised parts on the chassis to act as skids. The motor is a bit noisy and I will probably replace it. Mabucchi 'S' Open Motor.

Black and Green motorcycle and sidecar
Red Power Rangers Battle Bike

C884 Power Rangers Battle Bike. My friend Louise showed me one of the Scalextric 'cars' owned by her son Lewis. Scalextric re-used their motorbike and sidecar mould to produce a Power Rangers Battle Bike to carry Trin (in yellow) and driven by Jason (in red). Other battle bikes were made for the other Power Rangers. This particular motorbike needs to have its motor wires re-attached to the guide blade before it will race again.

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