Homemade Slotcar Bridge

I wanted to use my hot glue gun and have the smooth side of the hardboard facing out. The glue cooled to quickly and the corner braces (made from square dowel) would not sit flush. So I decided to use PVA glue decanted into a smaller re-sealable container (mustard jar) and slightly watered down. It is painted with water based acrylic paint. I was going to use the wooden 'Armco' moulding to hold the track in place, but in the end I found that the width of the bridge was slightly narrower than a piece of track, which holds it in place nicely. (All dimensions in mm).

Component parts, some not used Corner braces glued on PVA glue applied with a brush Construction details
Dimensions in mm Finished bridge

Real Bridge

I was slightly worried that the bridge looked out of place and unrealistic until I saw this bridge. It was only meant for motorbikes, but it was big enough to allow vehicles such as Landrover St. John Ambulances underneath.

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