Scratch Built Pit Building

The pit building for my Scalextric circuit is simply made from cardboard boxes glued and selotaped together. Check the boxes are the right size by placing a slot car and some Scalextric figures next to them. The edges were also taped. The pit building was made to look like cast concrete by painting it with matt acrylic grey paint. The roller shutter on one of the garages was made from a carefully flattened baked bean can. The windows were made from white stickers, but I now think I should have used black.

Laying out design Cutting off end flaps and folding over Laying out prior to assembly Assembly with glue and selotape nearly complete
Edges selotaped Edge of balcony marked out onto card Painted grey to represent concrete White stickers used for windows
Finished building with cars and spectators Pit building in action

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