Crusader Ambulance to Colour & Make

I have been able to get a few die cast model ambulances of different kinds, but a friend asked if I had an ambulance like the one he drove as a volunteer with St. John Ambulance (which I incorrectly called St. John's Ambulance). I have been unable to find a model Crusader ambulance so I have designed one that can be made from paper. It works best if it is printed onto thick paper so I have used heavy cartridge paper with a weight of 220 grams per square metre. You can use normal paper but it does not work as well. Click on the thumbnail to the right to get the picture to print.

To get the ambulance as big as possible so that it is the correct size for beside you slotcar track, you need to use as much of the paper as possible. If you are using Internet Explorer you can do this by going to the File pull down menu and selecting Page Setup and change all the page margins to 5mm (or 0.3 inch) then just printing the page. If you have a graphics or drawing package, you can save the .gif file and print to Fill page using the package.

Colour model in Cut parts out Strengthen wheels Score then bend
Glue in floor Internal bulkhead Glue front together Glue on windscreen
Glue down windscreen Rear light bar Glue on rear light bar Glue roof on
Glue down windscreen Glue front light bar on to complete vehicle With crew, front and side With crew, rear and side

You can colour in your ambulance so that it represents the ambulance service of your choice. The real Crusader ambulances were designed and built for St. John Ambulance. So I have coloured mine like a St. John Ambulance. Or you can download this version (by right clicking on the thumbnail to the right) that is already coloured in. It is a bit easier as it is an Adobe pdf file.

I cut my model out using a knife (scalpel) guided by a metal ruler. Some of the cuts could be made using scissors, but not all. To make more accurate folds, I scored the paper first. When using thick paper this can be done by running a knife blade lightly along the line (guided by a metal ruler) without cutting all the way through. If you are unable to find some thick paper and are using normal paper, use the back of the knife blade.

I glued mine together with PVA (white) glue. Look at the pictures above carefully to see how I did it.

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