Camel Trophy Land Rovers

The Camel Trophy Landrover slotcar is loosly based on some real Land Rovers that take part in a different challenging event each year called, not surprisingly, the Camel Trophy. Defenders were later used only as support vehicles to back up the Range Rovers, Discoveries or Freelanders. So here are some pictures of real Camel Trophy Land Rovers.

Front Front and side Front and side Side
Front and side Front Front and side Side
Side Rear and side Side Side
Front and side Underside Side Rear and side

I have recently taken and published on my other website some more pictures of Camel Trophy Landrovers.

This is Tim's Camel Trophy Land Rover Defender High Capacity Pick Up. This Landrover is not on display but being used where it should be, off road.

Side Rear and side Front and side Front and side
Front Side Side going down hill Side going up hill
With St. John Ambulance also driving off road! Going down steep hill Mud Up hill

G4 Challenge Landrovers

The Camel Trophy no longer takes place and has been replaced by the G4 Challange. So here are some photographs of some of the Landrover Defenders, Discoveries and a Range Rover used in this years G4 Challenge in their distinctive Tangiers Orange. I haven't seen one of the G4 Challenge Freelanders yet. It would be nice if somebody produced a slot car version of a G4 Challemge Landrover Defender. Perhaps I will have to make my own.

Group Group Group Range Rover, side
Defender, cross axle Defender, front and side Defender, side Defender, front and side
Defender, front and side Defender, rear and side Defender, over bridge Defender, front and side
Discovery, front and side Discovery, side Discovery, cross axle Discovery, side
Discovery, front and side Discovery, rear and side Discovery, over bridge Discovery, off road

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