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End of circuit including oil, WD40 and coffee

The slotcars are prevented from hitting the temporary wooden wall at the tight hairpin bend by the yellow and black tyre wall. The cork borders allow both slotcars to skid around the curves.

This end of the circuit is (currently) near a farm. The farmer, his dog and 2 farm hands (made by Britains) are watching the race. I plan to make this part of the circuit into a forest stage for the rally cars.

Small group standing by track
View along track under bridge

The slow part of the circuit with the inner curves is made wider with track borders made from scrap Scalextric track sections with a yellow curb painted on.

I have used chicane section curves as the slotcars can slide around the bend without using track borders as there isn't enough space. The slotcars are prevented from falling out of the loft through the loft hatch by the wooden barrier. The slotcars are 'protected' by the yellow and black tyre wall.

Dangerously near to loft hatch
Crossover and straight flanked by track borders

I have included 1 crossover track section in the circuit so I can practise driving in both lanes. When I get good I will remove the crossover and invite my mates around to race.

As the slotcars are travelling quite quickly at this point in the straight, I have added track borders (with crash barriers) of the correct height so the back ends of the slotcars can hang out a bit.

View along track from top of bridge
Edge of spectator area

The safety barrier should have a crash barrier in front, but I need to make some more. In the mean time I have added a small yellow tyre wall.

This is another bit of scenery I have built myself. It is a scratch built marshal post that gives the marshals a better view and a bit of shelter. I however need to paint some more marshal figures to man this post.

Marshal post to watch over bend
All that this SCX slotcar is good for

This Scalextric mini was brought to the circuit on the back of a Britains trailer. It is being towed by a SCX Volvo.

This will probably be the next bit of loft to be boarded. Then I can add more track sections such as another bridge and loop to make the circuit longer.

More green belt loft prime for development
Adrian's Slotcar World circuit wallpaper

If you want something more interesting on your computer desktop download some Adrian's Slotcar World wallpaper.

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