Cranes and Lifting Equipment

Here are some photos of my cranes and other lifting equipment that are used to lift a slot car clear of the track quickly after a loss of control or crash.

JCB Loadall

This JCB can lift the cars out of the gravel traps when they (I) crash. If you want one, look in Sainsbury's.

Left side Jib extended Right side Rear
Front of box Back of box Front, stabilizers down Front, stabilizers up

Real JCB Loadall

Here are some pictures of a real JCB Loadall photographed at Donington Park.

JCB Loadall waiting JCB Loadall waiting JCB Loadall waiting JCB Loadall in action

Britains Loadall 520

This is another JCB Loadall made by a different manufacturer, Britains. It is also a different model as it is a JCB Loadall 520. I have 2 of these models. One of the JCBs has a broken jib so it cannot be extended. It must be a weak point as the other one is cracked in the same place. It needs a length of chain to attach to the F1 car in a dangerous position.

Side with jib attachment Front and side Rear and side Side with jib extended

Corgi Warner & Swasey Crane

Corgi have now released a new version of this crane in K. S. Plant Ltd livery.

Front and side Rear and side Jib extended Underside

Polizei Crane

Made from green plastic and in Polizei (German Police) livery. It will go well with the Scalextric Polizei BMW police car. No idea who it was made by.

Front and side Rear and side Jib extended

Siku Grove Crane

Front and side Rear and side Jib partially extended Jib fully extended

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