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Inner Curve 45

Inner Curve 45 PT/52 (Current C152 and C8029 for a pack of 2) Good for tight wiggles in the track (see my Test Track). Not very common second hand.

Inner Curve 90 PT/56 (Current C156 and C8028 for a pack of 2) Used to make hairpin bends. Great for sliding round but need to drive carefully otherwise you will come off (this is the tightest curve). If you enter the corner too slowly when running on the inner lane, your rear wheel can drop off the inside of the bend (Dad decided he did not like slot cars because he always became stuck at a hairpin built in a circuit at the family home over Christmas). I have found borders for the outside of this bend (which are a bit narrow) but have not found any evidence of the existence of inner borders.

Inner Curve 90
Standard Curve 22.5

Standard Curve 22.5 (Current C154 and C8026 for a pack of 2)

Standard Curve 45 PT/51 and C151 (Current C151 and C8025 for a pack of 2)

Standard Curve 45
Outer Curve

Outer Curve MM/PT 53 and PT/53 (Current C153 and C8027 for a pack of 2) Covers 22.5 degrees so 16 are needed to make a complete circle.

Outer Outer Curve PT/84 (Not currently in Scalextric range, however it is in the SCX product line up) I only have 4 of these which is enough to make a 90 degree bend. These are marked 5 each because they are rare. The ones I have were made by Scalextric. If I like them (they are not included in my Test Track) I will investigate getting some SCX ones.

Outer Outer Curve
Single Banked Curve

Banked Curve C/187 (Current C187) I have only tried these sections a few times because I don't like them. My first cars were actually the trucks which fall off a banked corner. The catalogue also states that most new cars cannot handle it because they do not have the required clearance and axle movement. I have never seen an Inner or Outer Banked Curve so they are harder to realistically add to a 4 (or 6) lane circuit. I have already sold some of these at work and I have some more which will probably go the same way. They will not appear in my Circuit.

Banked Curves Three curves are meant to be self supporting and produce a 180 degree corner, but from my experience they don't quite make it. As you can see the rest of the circuit is actually needed to keep it in place and the few times I have used these track sections I put big books behind the corner to support it.

3 Banked Curves

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