Rover 3500 Vitesse at Regency Stages Rally

Regency Stages Rally 2002

This ex-works, 1984, Rover 3500 Vitesse is owned and driven by Duncan Holder with the Director of Regency, Mario Dolcezza as navigator. I took these pictures at the Regency Stages Rally 2002 at the Brean Leisure Park.

Regency Stages Rally 2003

Duncan Holder was driving the Rover Vitesse with it Rover V8 engine again in 2003, but with a new co driver, Tim Walker. Nothing sounds better than a Rover V8 engine. He was sponsored by The Regency Group.
Off into the infield Coming down red road Leaving the chicane Opposite lock around tight bend
Waiting to go Waiting to go Waiting to go Waiting to go

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