Fire Engines and Rescue Vehicles

One things go wrong, cars catch fire. Therefore my slotcar circuit has a some fire engines (appliances) and rescue vehicles to deal with such eventualities. I think the first vehicle below is actually an airport crash tender, but I saw it at a toy fair and it looked like an American fire truck as seen at raceways, so I bought it. On the underside is written corgi HCB - ANGUS Firestreak.

When I got it home I found it had a battery compartment for a 9v battery at the back, and an access hatch on top to change the bulb that operates the flashing lights. When I put the battery in I found it also had a very loud, annoying siren, so I don't turn the lights on often!

Front and side Rear and side Bulb compartment Battery compartment

I now have another fire engine to cover the slotcar circuit. It is a small rapid response Land Rover fire engine that used to be very popular to cover factories, airfields etc. The model uses the same body mould as the scratch built Land Rover I put together. If I can get another Land Rover fire engine I can scratch build a fire engine slot car.

Side Front and side Front and side Rear and side

Here are some pictures of the real Land Rover fire engine.

Real Land Rover fire engine - front and side Real Land Rover fire engine - rear and side

The rescue vehicle below is a Matchbox Superkings Plymouth Trail Duster. It is probably slightly to small (to the wrong scale) and it needs some cord/wire for the winch, but I think it does look good.

Front and side Rear and side Side Front

I now have one with a working winch and a rescure stretcher ("cot").

Winch with rope Rescue stretcher Stretcher in back

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