Paper Models

I have managed to buy many of the vehicles found at a race circuit or rally as diecast models in a suitable scale, but there were vehicles I could not find as die cast models at a suitable price. So I decided to make them myself out of thick paper.

The first vehicle I designed was a Crusader ambulance as driven by a mate who is a member of St. John Ambulance (not St. Johns Ambulance or St. John's Ambulance). As it was basically just a modern, long wheel base van, it was easy to design the other vehicles.

Construction Tips for all Paper Vehicles

Tools used

You need to click on the picture below of the vehicle you want to make.

Simple Paper Vans

How to make a Simple Van

Different simple vans

Paper St. John Ambulance

Completed St. John Ambulance

Paper Police Van

Completed Police Van

Paper Pasty van

Completed Pasty Van

More Complicated Paper Vans

Paper TV Van

Here is a TV van belonging to Adrian's Broadcasting Company.
Completed TV Van

How to make a Paper TV Van

Partially built TV Van

Paper Tow Truck

Various fire engines

How to make a Paper Tow Truck

Various fire engines

Real Vans

Real St. John Crusader Ambulance

Real Crusader

Real Police Vans

Real Police van

Real Pasty Van

Glue in floor

Real Television Vans

Real Television van

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