Real Pinzgauer

I recently got to see and photograph this Pinzgauer which is also called a Styer Puch. It was being driven off road and performing well. It looks like an ex-military vehicle. It has been re-registered on 1979-80 plates. It also has non-standard Mach5 wheels which I would like to have for my Tomcat.

Side Rear and side Front and side Rear
Side Off road Off road Off road

Styer Puch also make a Pinzgauer with 6 wheels. This means it can carry a bigger load, but this is not important for a slot car.

Going over mound Going over mound Front and side Side
Front and side Front Rear and side Rear

They can still get stuck and need to be rescued by a Land rover. The longer wheelbase is also better as a camper van.

Going well Getting stuck Getting recovered Camper van

Here are some more Pinzgauers on the Automotive Technik Ltd stand at a trade exhibition. They are highlighting the fact the British Army has just selected the Pinzgauer 6x6 as the ASTOR Support Vehicle and a de-rated Pinzgauer 4x4 as the next TUM FFR.

Front Side Rear and side Rear and side
Front Front and side Front and side Rear and side

Here are some Pinzgauers already in service with the British Army as gun tractors (TUM/HD), but used here as ceremonial vehicles. They are towing 105mm light guns (L118) as used by British airbourne forces.

Front and side Side Rear and side Front and side
Front and side towing guns 105mm light guns Front waiting Front waiting

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