Pitstop Track Sections

All 5 sections All 5 sections

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Here are some pictures of the SCX straight section I thought was used with the pitstop. I was probably wrong (see below).

Text underneath Connection to furthest lane Close up of electrical connection From above
From below Connection to nearest lane

Here are the sections that definately make up the Pitstop.

Left end of pits


Right end of pits


Left entry/exit, from above Left entry/exit, from below


Right entry/exit, from above Right entry/exit, from below


This is probably the straight that was used by the previous owner in the pitstop. It has an isolated section that has had wires soldered to it. It has REF No L6615 moulded into the bottom. I will have to see if I can find a picture of the pitstop put together correctly.

From above Close up of both isolated sections Close up of one isolated section From below

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