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Old transformer and two hand controllers wired up for use.

Old track power setup using transformer C919. I found these bits connected together in a box of stuff that was basically made up of one persons unwanted Scalextric Set. Came with 2 hand controllers.

This is the new power setup with two controllers a PowerBase and a transformer than plugs directly into a power socket so the trailing cable is low voltage eg 12***. The cable going to the old transformer was high voltage eg. mains which 240V in England. When running a two lane track with one PowerBase and one transformer, it is very noticable that when one (unmodified) car comes off, the other immediately speeds up and usually therefore comes off.

New PowerBase, transformer and two hand controllers
Old transformer ***

I don't know if it is possible to use two PowerBases making use of two transformer to increase the power because I have not thought about it. Also the PowerBases are expensive (marked 17 for all 4 parts) and they require jack plugs on the controllers. This makes it slightly harder to wire in brakes etc. Instead I started looking for 4 identical transformers.

One dealer never had any transformers with him every time I asked, saying he had a big pile but nobody ever wanted them. I finaly got the extra three I needed (to make one per lane) when I bought a box of track and when I asked, the trader included the transformers for free because nobody ever wants them. Am I going wrong?

Transformer to be used with circuit (4 off)
Old hand controller

Old hand controller. Note the connectors at the end...

...which plugged into the bottom of straight track sections...

Underside of old track
Top of transformer C919

...and the terminals on the transformer.

Jumper leads which are rare and therefore expensive...

Jumper lead
Connectors on jumper lead

...have the same connectors to plug into the bottom of the track.

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