C364 Porsche Turbo 935

Here are some additional views of the car showing the broken front axle mount and the broken rear axle bearings.

Body, guide and chassis Top of chassis, from front Rear axle complete, including broken bearings.

The front axle is now held in position by a plastic tube that used to have a lolly pop on the end. I had to cut away the 3 remaining axle 'clips' (there should be four). It is held in place with glue from a hot glue gun. eg. the gun heats the glue, which melts, you put your bits together (when molten the glue is sticky), the glue cools and solidifies. Great for difficult to glue parts and materials such as the hard plastic the chassis is made of.

Chassis and body Front axle guide glued in place Top of chassis, from side

I had to be careful of the height of the tube as it determined the ride height of the front of the vehicle and where it sat in relation to the guide. I aimed so that the front wheels are just off the track and the weight is taken by the guide.


I also replaced the old braids with ones cut from a reel of desolder braid.

It is copper braid 2.7mm wide (it can be teased out like other braids). It comes in a little dispensor containing 1.5m. It is part no. GU84 from Maplin Electronics and costs 1.19 including VAT. It is easily cut with side cutters, and it is worth it. Even if you like long braids that are 25mm long, you get enough braids for 30 cars from 1 pack.

Desolder braid

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