C699 AMG Mercedes C-Class "ProMarkt"

Here are some additional views of the Scalextric C699 AMG Mercedes C-Class "ProMarkt".

Front and side Rear and side Underside Side

The previous owner obviously felt this car was a bit light and therefore added lots of plastercene (Playdoh). A colleague at work has this car and he thinks it is a bit light. This will need further investigation.

Top of chassis, from front and side. Top of chassis, from back, including rear axle wrapped in fluff. Top of chassis. from front.

This is what the pick-up braids 'interface' with on newer Scalextric cars. It makes it easier to change braids as you don't have to try and force those little eyelets in. It also makes the guide easier to turn as it is not restricted by the wires to the motor, which can be thicker as they do not have to be flexible.

Pick-ups attached to chassis.

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