2205 Land Rover Camel Trophy No 5

Here are some additional views of the Scalextric 2205 Land Rover Camel Trophy No 5.

I think this is the best slotcar ever made. It has sts and Made in Spain on the chassis and is based on a Landrover Defender 90. It is four wheel drive directly from the motor and the guide blade is on the end of a sprung loaded arm. It is however to a slightly smaller scale than standard Scalextric cars (compare with the Britains Landrover Defender 90 built to the 'correct' 1:32 scale).

As this slotcar is mint and has never been run, I do not intend to damage it in any way by running it myself. this may seem silly, but currently it is the only slotcar in my collection I have not, and will not run. All the rest of my slotcars at least do a few laps.

Front and right Front and left Rear and left Rear and right
Underside (on side) Underside (on roof) Roof Smaller than 1:32 scale

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