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New Volkswagen Beetle Racing Car

While at the Castle Combe racing circuit for the Spring Action Day I saw this new style Volkswagen Beetle which is not used on the road, but on the racing circuit. The Action Day allows members of the public to take their road cars around the Castle Combe circuit as fast as they want and this beetle looked quicker than most. This may however be because it had a skilled driver.

Front Side Rear and side Rear
Front Front and side Rear and side, on jacks Rear, on jacks

When I went back to the Castle Combe Circuit for the Lux Traffic Controls & Management Car Races, I saw the new Volkswagen Beetle actually racing. It was entered into the Castle Combe Special GT Championship. It was a double header and during both races it kept up with the Ferrari 355. That makes this Volkswagen Beetle an impressive racing car. I have also found out it is a VW Beetle RSi 2.8 driven by David Turner and it competes in the VW Cup.

Front Front and side Side Rear and side

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