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Blue Subaru Impreza with yellow writting 83950.20 Subaru Impreza WRC Made by Matchbox, SCX. Has 4 wheel drive.

Subaru Impreza "3" Made by Scalextric. For the 1997 Network Q Rally. Blue driver and co-driver.

White Audi Quattro
White Audi Quattro Subaru Impreza "3" Made by Scalextric. Nearly the same as the Impreza above, but with less graphics. It also has less parts including no lights and no driver and co-driver, but you cannot tell because the windows are blacked out.

C348 Audi Quattro Made by Scalextric. My smaller version of one of the best rally cars of all time. This one is in good condition.

White Audi Quattro
White Audi Quattro C348 Audi Quattro made by Scalextric. This one is in not such good condition as it is missing its drive belt, making it only 2wd. This one will be tuned to see if I can make it perform better.

60010 Mitsubishi Lancer "Ancap" Made by SCX.

White Mitsubishi Lancer
Blue and white MG Metro

C149 MG Metro 6R4 "Computervision"

C214 Metro 6R4 "TOTAL" Bought with the metro below. Has a Mabucchi 'S' Open Motor. It squeaks. I bought it for the chassis, but probably will not sacrifice it. I did not pay 6 for it. If you keep your eyes open and haggle, you can get a metro in fair condition for about 3.

Red Metro
Black Metro

C146 Metro 6R4 "NAVICO" Marked 5.25. Scalextric. This car should be disassembled by pushing back on the front of the chassis. This car performs badly. The tyres are in good condition, so it is not their fault. The motor is loose in its mount. An adaptor is present so that the Mabucchi 'S' Enclosed Motor can be used in a mount designed for a long motor.

C480 Metro 6R4 "ESSO" Marked 5.25 (purchased with above metro). Scalextric. Mabucchi 'S' Open Motor. It squeaks

White Metro
Lime green SEAT Ibiza 83750 SEAT Ibiza KIT-CAR "Gulf" "TOTAL 3" Lime Green SCX

83900 SEAT Ibiza KIT-CAR "ROBERT MERCADER" "1" White and Orange SCX. Bought new with above car.

White and orange SEAT Ibiza
Yellow SEAT Ibiza 60130 SEAT Ibiza KIT-CAR "Con Faros" made by SCX

60530 SEAT Ibiza KIT-CAR "Scottish Rally 99" Made by SCX. Newer than the above SEAT Ibizas so has a strong, removable magnet.

Yellow SEAT Ibiza
Yellow SEAT Ibiza 60290 SEAT Ibiza KIT-CAR "Safari" made by SCX. Very similar to the SEAT Ibiza above with the addition of a bull bar and a snorkle.

Photographs of Real Metro 6R4s

Some pictures of real Metro 6R4s

Photographs of Real Audi Quattros

Some pictures of real Audi Quattros

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