Scratch Built Slot Car Land Rover II - Page 2

Finished body next to the finished cut down chassis.

Underside of finished cut down chassis, with replacement 5 spoke wheels (C8093 Axle Assys) fitted. I would have used C8121 Axle Assys Truck with Large Superslix tyres but the wheels were too wide, making the axles too narrow.

Underside of the completed body. This inside is painted black to make it less visible. Remember the solvent glues that work by melting a little bit of the polystyrene, do not work on painted surfaces.

Finished slotcar, side

Finished slotcar, front and side.

Finished slotcar, rear and side.

Finished slotcar, rear and side.

Finished slotcar, front.

Finished slotcar, rear showing mounting points from original model kit. The tailgate has also been trimmed so that is lower than the pick up bed cover.

Finished slotcar, interior including the steering wheel which is on the wrong side (for a British slot car racing circuit).

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