Scratch Built Slot Car Land Rover I

Here are some additional views of the slot car Land Rover scratch built by somebody else. It does not make a good slotcar as it is too tall and when racing, the guide lifts out of the slot easily when cornering. I want to learn from this car and build a better Land Rover slotcar. It makes use of the Scalextric Nissan pickup chassis.


The last picture is what I believe the original slotcar builder used. It can be obtained for 6 (plus postage and packing). This one however is going into my collection of Landrover models. The other Land Rover by Vista I ordered arrived in a completely crushed box, so I probably will make the model into a slotcar.

Rear and side Underside Side Chassis from side
Front of chassis Chassis from above Front from side Monti System plastic kit by Vista

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