Scratch Built MGB Slot Car

I bought this Airfix kit from a "bloke at work" for 3 hoping to convert it into a slot car. However the MGB is quite a small car so this will not be easy. I will certainly have to put the soft top on and remove most of the interior. The next problem is where will I find a suitable driver (I also need one for the Land Rover)?

Airfix MGB model kit box
Chassis from Metro

After deciding my Metros were rubbish I started to investigate why. So I took off the body and ran just the chassis. Much quicker! I also found a Metro has a very similar wheelbase to the MGB. All I need now is an old Metro Chassis. Update I have subsequently found that Dave Cheeseman has already successfully done exactly this with an Airfix Austin Healey Sprite. This proves it is possible.

Photographs of MGBs at Castle Combe

I do however have some pictures of some real MGBs used for racing. They were photographed as Castle Combe and should give me some ideas. Click on the picture to see all the photos.

Four MGBs competing at Castle Combe

Mark Lloyd's MGB GT Banger Car

Click on the picture to see all the photos of Mark Lloyd's banger car.

Front and side, on track

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