Tyre Wall

I decided parts of my circuit needed to be protected by tyre walls, but I do not have enough old Scalextric tyres to make a wall of a decent size so I needed to make my own. I also wanted to make little stacks of tyres covered in coloured plastic as used in the past at many big circuits, but now only used at smaller circuits and make shift (rally) courses.

You will have to make do with just the pictures for now. I will add text later.

Full size tyre wall Rob rallying Rob rallying Finished, black tyre wall
Materials and some of the tools required Cheap saloon car tyres, Polos Cardboard spacers, 15mm diameter Ready for glueing
Ready for glueing Glued Matt black paint, not water based! Heat shrink, 25.4mm (19mm is best) and hot air gun

The pictures of Rob rallying were given to me by Rob. More pictures can be found at the Team Kenny website.

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